Advantage Title, Inc. Reignites Innovation with Enhanced Real-Time Status for Title Insurance and Escrow Transactions

August 22, 2011

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Advantage Title, a leading provider of title insurance and escrow services enhanced through its innovative Title365 platform, today announced the availability of its recently released technology, which provides start-to-finish, real-time status of all relevant title and escrow order tasks and documents. This enhanced functionality is available exclusively through's intuitive user interface. Leading the way in functionality, transparency and security for title, escrow and default services,'s tight integration with SoftPro Select dramatically improves all management, communication and delivery processes, allowing real estate and lending professionals to be the beneficiaries of significant efficiency, accuracy and convenience.

Streamlining the transaction process, relevant order information flows seamlessly and securely between and LPS' SoftPro Select throughout the entire order process. From the minute an order is opened online and instantly assigned an order number, efficient and real-time administration of the order immediately begins. Customer information is auto-applied upon opening an order, including all contact information, property information, internal and external relationships, order preferences and fees charged based on order information, which not only dramatically simplifies the process overall but also increases the transparency of the transaction by eliminating double-data entry and errors while optimizing operational efficiency and time savings.

"SoftPro Select's innovative technology continues to drive the most advanced and flexible title and escrow solutions, thus enabling a new breed of technologically advanced clients, like Advantage Title, that can fully leverage these innovative products and services to significantly improve the settlement services industry," said Joyce Weiland, president of LPS' SoftPro Division.

Within Title365, a sophisticated routing mechanism provides the customer with a single point of secure access to view all transactions and updates as they occur. This real-time status equates to immediate delivery of order-related tasks and documents online as they are finalized, empowering customers to access and share available documents and relevant order information. All parties to a transaction also enjoy the ability to create a paperless file, which results in a more eco-friendly, timely and cost-effective alternative in an industry known for being paper-intensive.

"Our customers rave about the ease-of-use and efficiencies Title365 brings to their daily professional lives. From our simple step-by-step, guided approach to opening an order to Title365's intuitive nationwide property research tools - and now with our user tailored 'Where's the order and what comes next?" approach to the status of the order, doing business with Advantage Title has never been easier," said Peter Richter, Co-CIO and SVP, Software Engineering for Advantage Title." "Selecting a partner for our internal production was based on four core key principles: the openness and scalability of the platform; the organization's software solutions leadership within the settlement solutions industry; its continued drive to take products to the next level with customer-centric improvements; and the longevity of the company and its solutions for decades to come," said Peter Bowman, Co-CIO & SVP, Strategy & Innovation for Advantage Title. "These mirror the critical principles of Advantage Title and, as a result, must be core for any of our partners. LPS' SoftPro delivers on all of these principles, which made our decision clear."

What's more, Title365 will soon bring unique consumer-centric services into the fold, including the ability for consumers to follow their orders from start-to-finish in an easy-to-understand fashion, gain access to closing documents indefinitely, stay up-to-date with access to their property and neighborhood information and property values, secure the title of their property by allowing Title365 to monitor it in real-time for inconsistencies and garner an extensive array of additional post-transaction services.

About Title365
Title365 from Advantage Title delivers the ultimate in user-friendly online transaction management to effectively facilitate the ordering of title insurance and closing-related services. From instantly opening orders, to obtaining recorded documents in real-time and outlining every step of the transaction process on-the-fly, and sales comparables, to utilizing time-saving communication tools, Title365 provides an unparalleled level of online convenience, intuitive functionality and solid security for title, escrow and default services. For more information about Title365, please visit

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