In our 30+ years of serving the closing and title industry, our customer base has grown to industry-leading levels, with more than 14,000 customer sites and over 60,000 users across the nation. To this day, many of our new customers come by word-of-mouth recommendations from current customers. Below are just a few of the many positive comments we have received.

On SoftPro...
"SoftPro provides great customization options, which have allowed us to increase our efficiencies and minimize errors. SoftPro's software system is stellar and so is their customer service. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and exude great attitudes!"
Michele Baldwin
HLC Settlement Services, Inc.

"SoftPro has given us the necessary tools to improve our operations, by implementing standardized processes and delivering customized interfaces to our users. We have experienced significant efficiency gains, as well as confidence in our compliance with regulatory and industry standards."
Chuck Kramer
PGP Title

"I can sum up our company's use of SoftPro in two words: "Central Hub." We have grown with SoftPro, and utilize them for HUD-1 and title commitment prep, closing/disbursing, IRS 1099 reporting, scheduling, CPL's and policy jackets, e-recording, ordering tax certifications, tracking mortgage releases, bank account reconciliation and order tracking. Every role in our company uses SoftPro 360 integrations! SoftPro's support center is also top notch in their responsiveness, friendliness and thoroughness."
Ken Kirkner
Trident Land Transfer Company

"We, and our major consulting client, Bank of America, are SoftPro users. Both of us upgraded to your SQL version. Since doing so, we have found the system to be so stable that we've now started to take it for granted. Please convey my thanks to your development and implementation teams for a job very well done. We also know that if we do have a problem, we can count on your folks for responsive and helpful support."
Todd Gorelick
Atlantic Assurance Group

"I have asked several of them (our employees) during the course of last week how things were going and always receive a resounding "great". I even received a compliment from an attorney that never gives compliments. He said that this conversion was basically "painless..."
Darlene Loftis
Information Technology Director
Wilson & Associates, P.L.L.C.

"Buy it, and buy support. I don’t know how an attorney could have a profitable real estate practice without this tool."
Daniel T. Barker, Attorney
Raleigh, North Carolina

"This product is state of the art. A particularly valuable function is the ability to double-click on "Hot Spots" in documents that brings you directly to the data screen to effect a change."
Roy Kaufmann
Heritage Title and Escrow Company
Washington, D.C.

"Quite a package! Written so a novice can feel at home, and an expert can find all they need to handle any transaction."
Mort Press
Washington, D.C.

On SoftPro Support Services...
"I have not had the occasion to contact your team in quite some time (which speaks highly to the quality of your software!) but this week, I have had 3 issues which I needed help with. On each occasion, I have received a response within a matter of an hour at the most, and all of my questions have been answered thoroughly and in terms that I can understand. Many tech support teams either talk down to you as if you know nothing, or speak in such technical jargon that you need a dictionary to decipher the conversation. I have been extremely pleased with your high level of customer service."
Judy Sparano
Gateway Title Agency, Inc.
Brecksville, Ohio

"I have been impressed with SoftPro from the beginning (it is obviously hands down the best title insurance software on the market) and with the quality of people you have at your company I'm sure it will continue to grow at a record pace."
Rich Rogero
Sunbelt Title Agency

"What great service!! Not too many companies today can pride themselves on such strong and personable service."
Erin Lynch
Mid-American Title Company, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN

"As a new employee of McKay & Simpson, SoftPro was a new software program. Your staff was very helpful and friendly with each call that I made. Most recently, I was preparing the Pro1099/or IRS forms and was clueless in what steps to take. Your staff was very helpful and patient. Thank you."
Virgie Palmer
McKay & Simpson

"[Your Support Representative]... was a very helpful person and a pleasure to speak with. He made the situation very easy to resolve and looked at all options for solving the problem."
Cyndi Taylor
Tyler, Cassell, Jackson

"Technical Support has been very helpful every time I have called. I like the call back method you use. That way the customer doesn't have to hold for a long period of time until a tech support staff becomes available."
Staci Hair
Adler & Claraval