Best Practice #5 - Maintain procedures for title policy production, delivery, reporting, and premium remittance

SoftPro helps companies achieve Best Practice #5 by offering SoftPro users the ability to produce policies and remittance reports, and allowing the underwriter splits from each order to be transferred to a fee ledger and disbursed to the underwriter as part of remittance.

SoftPro is the complete application package for the title and closing profession. An impactful tool that not only improves your business operation, but impacts your bottom line - you can purchase the applications that best meet your business needs - from just one, to all of them. These key products that will ensure title production compliance include:

Our flagship program, offers improved speed, accuracy, and control over every phase of the closing and title process.

Our dependable and secure trust account management and reconciliation tool helps maintain all transactions including all receipts and disbursements.

Scanning and imaging software - Unclutter your file cabinets with paperless files.

TRAX is the perfect order management and tracking tool designed to manage office productivity and monitor your day-to-day business.

GreatDocs State Documents Pak
A vast library of over 1400 closing related documents available to ProForm users with State Document Paks.

Our custom integration with our 360 platform with AgentTRAX allows you to create / edit / void / remit your policy jackets directly from SoftPro without ever having to leave the application.

For more information on SoftPro, please call us at 800-848-0143 or send an e-mail to our Sales Department.