ProForm, SoftPro’s flagship application for the Closing, Title and Escrow profession, is a completely automated program for every phase of the closing, title and escrow process. Completely managing the entire process from order entry through final title policy, it is the most comprehensive, customizable solution on the market. Created with the most robust library of closing and title documents in the industry, Select’s ProForm is simple to learn, use and conform to your business operation.

Closing data is entered once and ProForm does the rest. ProForm performs all calculations in real time including taxes, payoffs, commissions, title insurance premiums and all prorations. Simply choose the documents you need to print, and ProForm fills in the appropriate data and renders a complete document.

If your business primarily manages commercial closings, now you can greatly increase your productivity and minimize human errors with the commercial functionality of SoftPro Select. This functionality comes standard in ProForm module of SoftPro Select. Learn More