ProTrust is SoftPro's dependable and secure trust account management and reconciliation tool that seamlessly integrates with ProForm. Quickly and easily add trust account management and reconciliation capability to your office with ProTrust. When combined with ProForm, you can transfer funds and disbursements directly from closing to ProTrust. Maintain all transactions including receipts and disbursements that are active, voided, pending or held. You can also quickly search for specific ledgers and/or transactions. ProTrust provides a variety of reports to assist in reconciliation and auditing procedures.

Reconciliation is quick and easy with ProTrust. You can reconcile multiple accounts simultaneously. Once reconciled, accounts can be locked to ensure a secure audit trail. ProTrust contains a wide variety of reports to assist in your reconciliation and auditing requirements
including (but not limited to):

  • 3-Way Reconciliation Reports
  • Proofing Register
  • Receipts and Disbursements Report
  • Balances, Ledgers and Reminders Report
  • Escrow Trial Balance Report
  • Outstanding Checks and Deposits Reports
  • Office Control Summary

For added trust account security, SoftPro offers optimal utilities for use with ProTrust.

ProClear. With ProClear, you can directly import your bank’s information file detailing cleared transactions into ProTrust for even quicker reconciliation. ProClear also provides comprehensive feedback to you, identifying duplicate transactions and other errors in a report that you can print and use to identify any problem transactions.

PositivePay. A great additional security feature, PositivePay will create a file containing a list of checks to be authorized for payment. PositivePay compiles all checks that fall within your specified date range into a file which you can send to your bank. The checks can then be authorized for payment by the bank, thus helping to prevent illicit check writing.