SoftPro has always taken pride in the quality of the closing and title documents that ProForm for Windows provides. In keeping with SoftPro tradition, we have developed a major new enhancement.

SoftPro has teamed with Great Docs by Harland Financial Solutions, formerly known as Greatland, to make a vast library of over 1400 closing related documents available to ProForm users with State Document Paks. Each State Pak is a subset of the entire library, containing state specific versions for each document. These documents are in addition to the nearly 150 standard ReadyDocs that ProForm already offers.

These documents have been seamlessly integrated into ProForm as ReadyDocs, providing the following benefits:

  • On Screen WYSIWYG "Print Preview"
  • HotSpot Technology - when viewing a document, simply click on a HotSpot to make a quick change
  • Quick Printing - no cumbersome merge process required

Navigating through these added documents is a breeze. Using SoftPro's new Document Tree, you can pull together Document Sets comprised of documents you frequently use - standard ReadyDocs, Great Doc ReadyDocs, or both - for quick access.

As updates to various documents are released, SoftPro will make them available for download at for firms that subscribe to the Annual Maintenance Service.

The State Document Pak provides ProForm users with a turnkey closing and title solution. Each State Pak includes 150+ Regulated Forms, including:

  • Conventional Closing Documents - Affidavits, Assumption and Modification, Assignments
  • FNMA/FHA/VA Fixed, ARM, and Graduated Payment Notes, Security Instruments and Riders
  • State-specific Notices and Disclosures
  • Balloon, Second Mortgage forms and many more...

For a comprehensive list of documents, choose your state and click on Submit Button: