ProDesign for Windows is SoftPro's powerful Custom Forms Designer. There is nothing else like it anywhere in the industry. It can be used to create your own documents for use with ProForm, SoftPro's Closing and Title Insurance Forms program. Since ProForm ReadyDocs (read-to-print documents) were created with ProDesign, you can use ProDesign to edit or customize these documents.

Similar to a word processor, you can create a ProDesign document by starting with a blank page and inserting text and/or graphics. An extensive list of formatting options is available. You can also insert field names and IF/Then statements which are linked to data in your ProForm closing files.

In addition, you can create a ProDesign document using the scanned image of a pre-printed form. Then simply add field names and formatting to fill in the form. You can further customize documents by adding your logo or other special graphics.

Once you have completed your document, ProDesign allows you to preview it with an existing data file to analyze the appearance of your document and test the formatting options you have chosen.

All ProDesign documents can be added to the ProForm ReadyDocs manager for use with all your closing files. When you print the documents from ProForm, the data from your closing files automatically fills in the blanks, just like the ReadyDocs which are included with ProForm.

One of the most powerful features of ProDesign documents is HotSpots. In ProForm, HotSpots link you to your closing files for quick editing of your data. As you are previewing the documents you can click on a HotSpot to make any necessary changes to your data before printing.

Major Features:

  • Develop your own custom documents for use with ProForm for Windows
  • Modify existing ReadyDocs included with ProForm
  • Automate pre-printed forms such as mortgages, notes, and deeds of trust for your lender
  • Include logos and other graphic images to enhance the appearance of your documents
  • Add your documents to the ProForm ReadyDocs Manager for use with all of your closing files
  • Includes extensive on-line help and user's guides
  • Utilizes 32-bit technology for Windows95/98/2000 and WindowsNT