ProForm, our flagship program, offers improved speed, accuracy, and control over every phase of the closing and title process. You enter data (such as sales price, buyer's name, etc.) only once and ProForm does the rest. It performs all the calculations in real time including taxes, payoffs, commissions, title insurance premiums, and all prorations. When you choose the documents you need to print, ProForm fills in the data at the appropriate locations on the documents. ProForm includes the CDF, HUD-1 Settlement Statement, HUD-1A, ALTA Settlement Statements, Disbursements Summary, Title Commitments and Policies, and over 100 other ReadyDocs (ready-to-print documents).

Learning the Environment
ProForm was designed to complement your workflow. Installation is quick and simple. No third party software is required. You'll have everything you need in order to handle any type of closing from the simple to the complex. Some of the highlights are:

  • ProForm's flexible working environment allows you to choose your method of data entry--use the data entry screens or enter data directly using the on-screen CDF or HUD-1.

  • ProForm is built around standard Windows features such as multi tasking which allows you to work on more than one file or document at a time.
  • Quickly locate the file you need with ProForm's advanced searching capability.
  • ProForm for Windows includes a comprehensive menu help system. You can search on any topic and print just the information you need. Context sensitive help is available for every field in ProForm.

Data Entry and Calculations
With ProForm, you can immediately enter data in a familiar environment with screens that look like the CDF or HUD-1. ProForm will perform all calculations as you are entering data and you will instantly see the results displayed on-screen. With ProForm's one-time data entry, you will never have to retype anything. Some of the highlights are:

  • Copy one or more templates pre-filled with basic information to increase data entry speed.
  • Look-up tables store frequently used information and fill screens automatically which eliminates your need for a rolodex.
  • File Balance Wizard indicates which lines of the CDF or HUD-1 are out of balance.
  • At any time you can glance at the status bar to see if your CDF or HUD-1 is in balance, as well as what the buyer needs to bring to the table.
  • FlexChecks let you group any combination of disbursements into a single check.

Editing and Document Generation
Once you have entered closing and title data, you may select from numerous documents which are included. ProForm provides the ultimate flexibility in document generation. You can edit the documents we include or add your own with your word processor or ProDesign (optional). Some of the highlights are:

  • ReadyDocs are documents that print directly from ProForm. The optional ProDesign program allows you to edit these documents or create your own.
  • DocCheck allows you to view documents on-screen with the data filled in exactly as they will print.
  • When viewing any documents, click on HotSpots to make a quick correction.
  • The TypeLite feature lets you know the difference between text that defaults and what is user entered.

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