ProMort is simply the most powerful mortgage loan calculation and amortization schedule program on the market today. Given any three of the four mortgage variables: Rate, Term, Amount and Payment, ProMort will calculate the fourth variable for you.

And ProMort handles calculations that the other amortization programs can't, such as:

  • Variable Interest Loans
  • No Interest Loans
  • Balloon payment
  • Irregular or skipped payments
  • Added payments
  • Automatic loan payoff calculations anytime within the loan period

ProMort can also perform calculations and produce schedules for monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual payments. The full amortization schedule can be viewed on-screen and is printable. Finally, ProMort can import data directly from your ProForm for Windows files to save you time!

Major Features:

  • Given any three of the four mortgage variables (rate, term, amount and payment), ProMort calculates the fourth
  • Computes payoffs
  • Produces schedules with full loan details or annual summaries
  • Works with variable interest loans; no interest loans; balloon payments; irregular, skipped or extra payments
  • Integrates with ProForm for one-time data entry
  • Includes extensive menu help and user's guides
  • Utilizes 32-bit technology for Windows95/98/2000 and WindowsNT