ProTrust is the SoftPro product for managing and reconciling one or multiple trust accounts. When combined with ProForm, you can easily and accurately transfer funds and disbursements from the closing to ProTrust. ProTrust maintains all transactions including deposits and checks that are active, voided, pending, or held. You can also quickly search for specific ledgers or transactions, as well as print checks and a variety of reports to assist in reconciliation and auditing procedures.

Reconciliation is quick and easy with ProTrust. Using your monthly bank statement, simply indicate which transactions have cleared on the full screen listing of deposit and check information. You can clear transactions individually or in groups. ProTrust does not delete transactions during reconciliation as some programs do, maintaining the historical data for a detailed audit trail.

Check printing is simple with automatically assigned check numbers and the ability to re-print checks if you need to. Print a single check or select only the checks if needed.

ProTrust contains a wide variety of reports to assist in your reconciliation and auditing procedures including:
  • Proofing Register
  • Receipts and Disbursements Register
  • Balances, Ledgers, and Reminders Report
  • Running Account Balance Report
  • Outstanding Checks and Deposits Register

Major Features:

  • Manage any number of trust accounts
  • Generate checks
  • Clears checks and deposits individually or in batches
  • With the ProClear Add-on, electronically import cleared transactions from your bank directly into ProTrust
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of all transactions
  • Produces a variety of informative and essential accounting reports
  • Allows transfer of funds between ledgers
  • Integrates with ProForm for Windows for one-time data entry
  • Includes extensive on-line help and user's guides
  • Utilizes 32-bit technology for Windows95/98/2000 and WindowsNT