SoftPro's SPImage lets you scan and attach documents of all types to your ProForm files — making it easy to archive complete files, retrieve them instantly and pull up any document you need.

No more sorting through boxes to find files. No more rifling through files to locate the right document. No more need for rows of file cabinets or expensive off-site storage.

Barcode and Index For Easy Document Retrieval
SPImage provides a barcoded ReadyDoc that makes it easy to name every document you scan, assign it to the right ProForm File and automatically create an easy-to-read index of every document in that file.

With the click of a button, you'll be able to search your active and archived ProForm files for all types of documents including Word files, emails and PDFs of documents you've scanned or received. You can instantly call up documents ranging from commitments, endorsements and deeds to HUD forms, owner policies, Truth In Lending documents and more.

Search For ProForm Files Any Way You Like
When it's time to find a file, SPImage you can search using almost any field you like — from customer name, buyer, seller, closer, lender to property address, policy number, loan number, settlement date and more.

Scan Any Document — Send to Any System On Your Network
A truly scalable network solution, SPImage gives you set-up scanner options from using one scanner for an entire office to placing a scanner next to every desktop. You decide how many scanners and licenses your office will need.