Accept New Orders from Your Website - 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week!
SoftPro's Web Order Entry module gives you the ability to receive new orders directly from your website - anytime, day or night. Your customers simply fill out the Web Order Entry form on your website, and you can generate new orders easily and efficiently.

Overlay the New Orders from Your Website into ProForm
The information that is gathered from the Web Order Entry page of your website is automatically e-mailed to designated recipients within your company in a ProForm Overlay file. The Overlay File can then be used to start a new order, eliminating the need to rekey any of the information that was received from the Web Order Entry page.

Add a Web Order Entry Page to your Website Today!
The cost of this module is $595. This includes the preset Web Order Entry form and 2 hours of consultation* where we will discuss installing the files onto your web server. Once installed, your web designer can create a link from your homepage to your new Web Order Entry page. Your web designer can also customize your Web Order Entry page by adding your own style sheets.

We will Need the Following Information in Order to Get Started...

  • The type of server your website is hosted on - this program is developed to run on a Microsoft Windows server: MS Windows Server 2003 or higher, MS IIS Services 6.0 or higher, MS .Net 3.5 or higher; External SMTP Server (must be accessible from Web Server).
  • Hosting Company Information - we will need FTP site access (including login and password information) if you would like us to install the Web Order Entry form on your website.

Included Form Fields Transaction Type:

  • Purchase, Refinance, Equity
  • Buyer/Borrower(s) Name Seller(s) Name
  • Contract Sales Price
  • Earnest Money (Amount)
  • Held/Received By: Incoming Fund, Seller, Settlement Agent, Listing Agent, Selling Agent
  • Property Address, City, State, Zip, County/Parish
  • Listing Agent Company Name, Phone, Total Commission Rate
  • Selling Agent Company Name, Phone
  • Lender Name(s), Street Address, City, State, Zip
  • Settlement Date, Time
  • Settlement Status: Firm, Pending, Tentative, Completed, Canceled, Hold, Set, Closed, Shipped, Follow-Up
  • Status Comment
  • Marketing Source
  • Title Examiner
  • Closer
  • Escrower
  • Bill to: Lender, Mortgage Broker, Loan Servicer, Buyer/Borrower, Seller, Settlement Agent
  • Order Notes

For more information, please contact your SoftPro Sales Representative at 800-848-0143.

*Installation should only take 2 hours. Additional time will be billed at $100 per hour, if additional hours are required.